A new hidden gas tax will go into affect starting January 1, 2015.

Didn’t know about it? That is because the new tax was imposed by government regulators without any public debate or discussion by the State Legislature.


Just another tax scheme.

This new scheme known as "emissions trading" under the cap-and-trade system requires gas companies to purchase carbon allowances traded on a state-run carbon market to continue to sell fuel. Each year the regulators will decrease how many allowances can be bought and limiting how much gas can be sold in the state. Trading for fuels can cause unpredictable  spikes in our fuel costs.


We cannot afford another gas hike.

The new hidden gas tax is expected to cost Californians at least $2 billion in the first year. Everyone will pay for the new gas tax at the pump and for goods shipped throughout the state.

“Senate leader Darrell Steinberg acknowledges cap and trade is about to grow in a big way. He warned the changes could bring spikes and wild fluctuations in gas prices.”